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Successes & Testimonials

Below are a small selection of client reviews of the Canonbury Management Right to Manage and Property Management Services.

Augustine Azunna Amadi & Helen Margareta Kristina Arnborg-Axelsson

I just wanted to say thank you to the team for addressing the issue so swiftly and competently.

In addition, Arturus and his colleague were brilliant. Courteous, diligent and professional. They did a great job and cleaned up as they went on. Very impressed.

Nicholas Elias

Thanks a lot for that! Looks good!
What a difference the works have made. We got there in the end so credit where credit's due well done!

Timothy William Lees & Anne Elizabeth Mary Lees

Thank you for your email, and thank you for the successful completion of the Right to Manage process.

Craig John Horsfall

Dear Canonbury Management Team,
Thank you for your support in allowing late payment. We
returned early following the cancellation of the last week
away, and I have made the payment into the Canonbury

David Audsley Dredge & Tracey Anne Dredge

Website is great to keep track of things. What I do like about your company is that you promised to call back within 10 minutes and you did.

I also like the fact that you have a website which is easy to access and can see updates.

Mrs Z Pratt

Thank you for your quick replies

Kai Nicolai Andrew Duggal

I used Canonbury management to help us with our Right to manage. The whole process was very smooth because of the automated system, and because they have everything on a secure server, it's easy to find whatever information you need, whenever you need it. Throughout the process I found Hadley helpful and informative, and when we needed help with other issues he was on had to help and make constructive suggestions at any point. With regard to right to manage they were an excellent company to work with.

Michael Caldwell

Hi Roger,

I'm impressed by the hours you knock in - response times are excellent.

Julie Peakman & Jad Adams

Thanks for your very good service.

Mr Dave Eakins

Many thanks Kyle for all your help.

Shahram Moghaddam

I wanted to Canonbury for providing great services even during this lockdown.

Ms Catherine P Turner

I just wanted to say thank you for your help in resolving the water supply problem here. I know you've been inundated with calls, which must be difficult for whoever's covering out of hours to handle - and at the same time arrange for contractors to come out and look at the pump over a weekend. It's been fixed far more quickly than we anticipated, and we're really grateful.

Mr Richard Alonso

Thank you for your email response and hard work throughout this difficult time.

Philip Tomlinson

Very many thanks for your speedy reply, and your excellent answers,
which hopefully will alleviate the two other leaseholders' concerns - I
do appreciate the time you have given me.

Matthew David Graham Richardson

Hi, looks like a good job, thanks.

J A Glavin & JR Zambrano

Thanks for your help, and good letter that went out. Jim

Mrs Graham

I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Canonbury Management to any other development.

After three years with an appalling property management, our development was in a bad way. Despite astronomical fees, communal areas were littered, doors, gates and locks damaged, graffiti was everywhere and the development parameter was insecure (many bikes had been stolen as a consequence). Myself and other residents were desperate to change companies and appointed Canonbury in January this year.

The difference was immediate. Roger visited us at the site, explained how Canonbury operated and what services we could expect from it. Prior to taking over management of the development he was on hand to help us work through the Right to Manage process and worked tirelessly to ensure the handover was as seamless as possible.

Canonbury's had its work cut out. The £50k surplus the previous company said we had, was no longer there and Canonbury had to turn things around with no funds! In the six months that they have managed the development, communal areas have been spring cleaned, CCTV has been set up, the parameter has been secured and parking controls have been put in place - and all this for a fee that is (for me at least) approx 25% less than we were paying previously. There have been more improvements made in the last six months than the three years previously and things are getting better all the time.

Canonbury's service is professional, trustworthy and competent. It is a management company that stands head and shoulders above the rest and is capable of running the day to day issues alongside the occasional emergencies - leaks, broken lifts etc.

Carol Anne Mellors

I can only say thank you for your patience and courteous service. I have done my best to push for a sensible way forward to no avail.

Carine Guenand

We were very impressed with your online service, friendly staff and speed of response.
Kind regards,

Mrs. Lynda Gharibian

Your electrical engineers who were working on the jetty yesterday have managed to find (and resolve) the water problem. They were most helpful. Kind regards

Andy Humphries

Thanks. The pedestrian gate repair is good.

Matthew David Corbett

I just wanted to thank you for the communication about Northampton House I have been receiving. I rent my property out and reside in Australia so your emails are welcome news about the issues we face.

Tim Bird

'I couldn’t believe it when they actually replied with a reference
number! Already a million times better than any other
management company we’ve used!

You are already making a good impression!'

Claudia Verema Fallah

Your company is performing an excellent job here at Candy
Wharf your company is performing an excellent job here at Candy

Aaron James Halford

Cant wait to see the positive changes made. Thankyou

Louis John Muscat

Dear Mr McElroy

On behalf of the residents here, we wish to thank you for your recent E-Mails and your assistance rendered thus far.

Sincerely yours

Louis Muscat

Martin Melville Hadley & Francoise Marie Hadley

I just wanted to acknowledge personally your help over the last two years and to say thanks very much for looking after the various issues with the estate which we have been involved with together and particularly Lethaby House flooring and other problems to do with our block.

With best wishes for the future

Trevor James Rigby

If our managment company had been as efficient as Canonbury we wouldn't have looked to go into RTM. First class service, emails answered promptly and request carried out
immediately. Our RTM went to far smoother than we thought it ever would, and the take over was on time. We thank you for a wonderful service. Victoria Mill.

Steven Norman Baker

Block Management - from resigning director.

Thank you!
It has been a pleasure and even though it was tough at times I really enjoyed being part
of the RTM.

Many thanks again and maybe next year some of us will stand again!?

Oh yes and please pass my thanks onto David. He too was excellent and did a great job
at the section 20 meeting!

Hilary Edna Green & Vanessa Jane Langton

We confirm that we are pleased with the Services which Canonbury has offered.

Ms Jennifer Francis

Very impressed at the speed of dealing with the lighting issue: the electricians were working by 7am yesterday morning, which is a really quick response time given that Canonbury were notified late on Sunday evening.

Matthew Dore-Weeks

Thanks I've spoken to the insurers. Many thanks for getting the information to me so quickly.

Brian Charles Hodgkinson & Margaret Hodgkinson

Thank you for this letter, we are very pleased with your handling of this RTM,everything you promised, happened on time which from my experience is a very unusual situation
these days. So well done !!! We would be interested in receiving a quote for the Block Insurance which is currently arranged by Peverel with Zurich Insurance. Can
you please arrange for this for this to be forwarded.As you know we take over the RTM
on 6th September.
Look forward to your reply.......Regards Brian Hodgkinson.

Diana Ross-Richards

We would have no hesitation in recommending Canonbury Management to others in our situation and seeking the right to

Many thanks for all your assistance

Diana Ross-Richards
Louis Muscat
Jeremy Davis

S C Pinnell, S J Dagard-Pinnell, L L Pinnell & L J Pinnell

Great to see that this is being sorted out.
I will arrange for on-line payment of both invoices on 25 July as requested.
Stuart Pinnell

Keith William David Rolf & Lena Mary Rolf

Dear Janet
Thank you for your email and attached letter. While we have been very
pleased with the service offered by Canonbury in setting up for us a RTM
Company, we have opted to contract with a more local company to provide
management services. We wanted a full service from a company well versed in
handling a small block such as ours and with local offices we can visit as
This is also to acknowledge that we have received the Articles and
Certificate of Incorporation and code should we wish to file changes.
Thank you once again for your excellent RTM service.
Sincere regards

Richard Matthews

I'd like to thank you and the team for all your help during the process. I've found the service to be proactive, efficient and good value for money. I would happily recommend your services to others.

Kathryn Rose Hall

Thank you for all your help [with the RTM]. I am glad we used your firm as we could not have done this ourselves.

James Giles Pedrick

The work that you did for us on achieving RTM status was praised by the leaseholders who were very impressed with the outcome that you were able to achieve.

Jennifer Claire Annesley

Good evening
Just to let you know that I've spoken to Clive the locksmith and he's coming out in Friday morning. Thanks so much for
putting me in touch.
Thanks also for sorting Flat 4's intercom so promptly.
Kind regards,

Mr Wulf von Moltke

Hurray! Congratulations! This is a wonderful result of your efforts. Well done!

Timothy William Lees & Anne Elizabeth Mary Lees

Dear Sirs,
You very kindly provided an excellent service in successfully obtaining the Right to
Manage for 37-43 Northfields, Sturminster Newton. The whole process went smoothly
and without any hitches.

I would be grateful if you could respond [to my questions] in due course.

Pier Galliet

Kyle, thank you for getting back to me so fast. That's very helpful. Best regards, Piers

Mr. Alan Cope & Mrs. Linda Cope

Thank you for your prompt response to my previous e-mail to you, and I appreciate the courtesy of your reply.

John James Seton Coventry & Naomi Elizabeth Margaret Coventry

Many thanks for your very swift response.

Thiago Correa

Hi Kyle,
Just wanted to also say thank you for your help in fixing this so quickly,

Virtualise It Limited

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for
helping us to obtaining the right to manage a block
of flats we own, after year of neglect by the previous
management company. This will not only save us
a considerable sum of money, but will now allow us
to improve the properties. Thank You


Dear Ms.Peters
Thank you so much for resolving this matter so quickly & efficiently - it’s much appreciated.
Kind regards
Angela (Ryan)

William Joseph Frost & Marianne Frost

May I compliment you on the upkeep of the gardens at Northwood Hall. I can see how hard the gardeners work from my
high vantage point and how much colour they bring to the gardens when the flowers are in bloom. I am not in anyway
green fingered, I just appreciate the benefits of their work. Sincerely, Bill Frost

Amanda Farrand

Dear Roger,
I am happy that the RTM process has been successfully completed and will be
happy to provide you with a testimonial for the service I received from Canonbury
management shortly.

Gouri Jatkar Gokhale & Ajit Vasant Gokhale & Jay Jatkar Ajit Gokhale

In terms of our dealings with yourself we are very pleased with the administration services you supply and for your patience and prompt attention to any queries. As we are basically 'inexperienced' in matters relating to the RTM dealings it is essential we can access expert assistance.

The online information is very straightforward especially as we become more accustomed to moving around the site. Overall we are very satisfied

Elizabeth Stopford

That's brilliant. Many thanks.
You've been really helpful and this is appreciated

Toyin Davidson-ero

Hi Kyle
Thanks for your quick response and really appreciate you responding to my email.
Many thanks

Jonathon Stern

Thank you so much for all your hard work and for being so speedy (and reasonably-priced!). Speaking for myself - and I know I'm speaking for everybody else here - I'd like to give you and your team a huge vote of thanks. I doubt anybody else
could have done it better. I'll be very happy to write anything you'd like to that effect if you need to drum up further business with other clients.

Mary Adhiambo Kisuge

Many thanks for the quick response will keep you posted when I get response.

Ms Penny Browning

Hello, your email was very precise and from my point of view it was informative and explained a lot. As I am only here a few days a week I have been a bit out of the loop but thank you for explaining the ongoing problems we have in this particular block. Denise Browning

Ben Edwards

Hi Roger
Thank you for this, I've forwarded to Bud at 27.
And I know I keep saying it, but it is such a total pleasure to deal with you guys - I'd have expected a simple 'not our
problem' from our previous managing agents, whereas you've provided practical advice to remedy the issue. Above and

Benjamin Gilbert Lewy

You have done a great job and I will be sure to recommend Canonbury to anyone I know in dispute with their freeholder. Best wishes, Ben

Colm Patrick Mccann

many thanks indeed for all your prompt help and support so far, which many

Alan John Stacey

(Having received a landmark decision in the Upper Tier Tribunal)

Thanks very much

Your help in achieving this result is very much appreciated.

Alan Stacey

Luke Wheeler

We are grateful for your professional diligence and assistance with the services supplied.

Daniel Green

[Re a roofing project work]


Thanks very much


Moira Cordelia Mcmanus

We shall always appreciate the RTM work which went through unchallenged and smoothly, and thank you for.

Heidi Ward

Thank you for your letter. We have engaged a local company to take over the managment of our building. We were pleased however with the whole process of establishing the RTM company.

Mr Dave Eakins

Thank you for your speedy reply.

Suckraj Singh Dehel

Thanks for the letter/email.
The service I have received has been excellent. I think I could do with some assistance in terms of the filing of the accounts, I am not sure if you offer this service and also insurance, is this now my responsibility?

Currently I pay this quarterly in advance to the Management company Urbanpoint Management.

Perhaps you can give me a quick call to have a chat

Thanks again

Michael Michaelides

Thank you for a clear and reasonable communication.

John Adrian

Thank you, that's been very helpful advice.

Mr Andrew Nuttney & Fiona Glennon

Canonbury Management has been a highly effective managing agent for Cranfield House, pro-active both in maintaining and enhancing the building fabric, offering a high level of professional advice on major investments and successfully working to budget. Its online building dashboard is of the greatest use in tracking tasks, finances and other building issues, and makes Canonbury especially suitable for a block which needs to offer a wider range of tenants transparency into the use to which their service charges are put.

Ludwina Wuyts-Owen

Dear Kyle, Many thanks for the prompt and clear answer, Ludi

Moira Cordelia Mcmanus

Great work.
Trust have informed me they are not counter claiming.
Look forward to receiving due documentation re what is required next steps.

Jonathon Stern

Thank you so much for all your hard work - what excellent news!

Very best wishes to you all.

Tony Gregory

A quick note to say THANK YOU.

I saw a contactor at the gates this morning, and both seem to have been fixed.

I doubt you get much thanks – but that was prompt and efficient service.

David Edward James Palmer & Valerie Ann Palmer

We appreciated Canonbury steering us painlessly through the RTM process. All is going
well and the directors have now taken over the management services completely from Jane Laver.

Lee Anthony Farmer

Many thanks for organising our RTM.

Barbara Donninelli

Thank you very much for your feedback and suggestions!

Ms Sarah Whiting

Thanks for giving us our RTM! All is running smoothly. I am frantically recommending to other blocks!

Mr A Goldup & Miss C V A Bull

Thank you so much, you have been more helpful than anyone else I have spoken to.


Bob Cowper

Thank you - that's good news!

Mr Yoon Chung

Thank you very much for your response. Very much appreciated.

Diane Bull

I would just like to say how impressed I am on the communication that I have received from yourselves
regarding the RTM of the above property.
I hope the rest runs as smoothly as this

Andrew Hepburn Brown

Great, thanks, appreciate the speedy response. Good service.

Mr John Howes

I was delighted to receive your email letter this morning with the attached excellent decision of the Tribunal. Some really good news at last, and I personally am most grateful to you for your persistence in bringing the proceedings and representing us so successfully.

Mr Kevin Parsons

Dear Mr Breare, thanks for your mail. sorry for the long delay in returning your mail but I have been away for some time. Our experience of the RTM process was on the whole very good

Eric Connor

For the rest I will arrange the rest thank you for your good working attitude
Much appreciated

Emma Blakey

The Right to Manage process went through very smoothly, and we didn't have any complaints.

Geoffrey Antony Lewis-hallett & Francesco Carlo Costelloe

I am very pleased to report that the decision to proceed with a RTM was unanimous so we shall be starting rhe application process with you online shortly.

Mr Jason Daily

Canonbury, Many thanks for the assistance so far - it has been a completely hassle free process and we are all pleased on how it has gone.

Ms Susan Christopher

Thank you very much for completing our RTM. It was much less painful than we anticipated and we would not hesitate to recommend Canonbury to other people!
With regards to future management would we be eligible for the Canonbury Transition package?
Kind regards

Asher Benjamin Gould

Excellent news, thanks Roger.
Asher Gould

Mr Richard Williams

Can I also take this opportunity to thank you for the meeting last night? I left there very much more informed of the issues than when I arrived. I would like to convey my support in the actions that are being taken, in particular the legal action. Having owned the property from new, I can for the first time see we are last moving in the right direction. I would be grateful if you could convey my support to the two directors and company secretary for their courage in making a stand and starting to tackle the fundamental issues that we have all inherited.

David Tregarthen Cox

By the way, it was very reassuring to be able to see the details of the problem on the website and to know that it had been acknowledged and attended to so quickly. Thank you very much for that service.

Elain Katherine Mcalpine

Dear Hadley,

A short note to say thankyou for all the time spent answering my questions about our building and the RTM process. It was very kind of you to spend all that time with me on the phone, and made the process of dealing with the most cursed building in history more bearable.

Many thanks,


Dean Pezzutto

Re: 139 Lee High Road, Lewisham - Tiling and redecoration

..the floor, walls and paint work all look very good and I am very pleased with the work done.

I thank the crew for their good work.

John Ash & Katherine Ash

May I take this opportunity to thank you for all you've been doing on our behalf? We're so very grateful for your efficiency and desire to help. I thought I would pass that on, since normally the only time you hear from us (and I suppose anyone else) is in the event of a crisis!

With grateful thanks,

Ivor and Gail Marsh

Thankyou for your report and efforts within the building. Gail & Ivor Marsh

Moira Cordelia Mcmanus

We held a tenants meeting and the general consensus was that Canonbury did a great job re the RTM Application - you were recommended to us by CEC PM. Thanks

Philip Tomlinson

Many thanks for your telephone call earlier today, and for your good
patience in answering my questions - I have been impressed with your
website, and now I am doubly-impressed!

Marc Tai

May I take this opportunity to sincerely thank you for your valuable time & help.

Louise Sarah Clarbull

Thank you very much and thank you for your help in this process. I will definitely be recommending your company to others who wish to achieve Right to Manage.

Damien Anthony Posterino

Outstanding solution. Thanks Roger.

Ms Barbara Sianesi

Just a quick line to say how impressed I am at the prompt, helpful and efficient help of the insurers Pi -- well done to you for the choice of company (and very efficient online form).

It was a very distressing situation to come home to a smashed window glass, tragedy averted by a miracle, but now all is seemlessly back to normal!

Thanks again and best wishes,

Ben Edwards

This is amazing. Thank you. I am overwhelmed - we've felt trapped for so long that we never
thought we'd be able to make our own choices about where we live..
I'm going to take a little while to process before communicating to the group but wanted to say that you've
absolutely smashed this - thank you and Roger from the bottom of my heart. Onwards and upwards! And
fingers crossed for no appeals!

Ms Julia Kennedy

Thanks so much for sorting this out so quickly for us Kyle

Ryan Fitz Moseley & Catherine Marie Moseley-Hyza

That´s great news [about the successful recovery of over £6k of debt], thanks for letting us know!!

Block Management Client

Lorna Fallace

Canonbury Building did a fantastic job, both recitfying the shoddy work of my previous builders and also completing a long list of other tasks. These included built-in cupboards, plastering and finishing ceiling, fitting new internal doors, door furniture, refitting a concealed shower unit and associated plumbing, fitting kitchen units, light fittings etc., etc.

Jennifer Claire Annesley

I would also like to recommend Aggy the electrician who you sent a couple ofweeks ago to fix the lights out the back of the building and in the bin store and bike shed. He was very friendly, explained why they were not working and fixed them immediately. I would definitely be happy to use his services in future.

Neil Richard Mccullough & Amy Elizabeth Swann

The service that has been provided has been excellent in every respect. You and your colleagues have been helpful and prompt throughout every stage of the RTM process and I cannot thank you enough for providing a standard of customer service that is all too rare these days.


I just had a glance at the Sinclair forum that I was on back in June and I noticed that since bringing your name up (I was Jimmavan) it seems that you have got a few new customers! Hope it is going well. Canonbury were a lifesaver – you can see some of the horror stories

Mousumi Saha

Thanks so much for that - I really appreciate it!

Nicholas Elias

Just wanted to say thanks so much for coming to the meeting. You
helped a lot and your communication was excellent.

I was very happy to have chaired alongside you and I appreciate your
time taken in settling people's queries.

We will try and find time to sit down with you to sort out the budget.

Also please let me know as soon as The BKS quote comes in.

Thanks again Roger for your impeccable representation of Canonbury. I look forward to more meetings such as that one.

Damien Anthony Posterino

Thanks for your help Kyle.


Many thanks for the very prompt resolution.

Ms K J Underwood & Ms P M Underwood

Many thanks for your email. This is exceptionally good news and has made my weekend, if not my month.

Joanna Moody

The residents of our block were looking to change managing agents in 2010 and after due consideration, chose Canonbury Management. Canonbury assisted the residents of Northwood Hall to set up a Right to Manage company and have worked with the elected Directors of the company in the day to day running of the block. We find Canonbury to be approachable and available for residents' queries and willing to iron out any problems in the regular meetings with Directors, and therefore are satisfied that Canonbury have the required qualities to manage and maintain a residential block of a similar size to our block.

George Teague

Thank you for raising and sorting out this issue. I had in fact asked [the previous agent] last year why the service charge was listed as an expenditure, but they didn’t seem to know why.

I’m annoyed that [the previous agent] were accounting incorrectly and as a result we were possibly paying an extra cost all the years for preparing full financial statements for companies

Glad we are with Canonbury now!

Elain Katherine Mcalpine

We have sometimes felt that you are not fully appreciative, or indeed aware, of all that Canonbury have done for the building. They have in fact done a lot (regular safety and maintenance checks, changing the locks, arranging the insurance, handling the electricity account, repainting the whole of the interior, organizing a cleaning contract), and the building is now administered properly, which is a massive improvement on the previous situation. The point of forming the RTM company was to protect our building from unscrupulous crooks like Chatfield, and engage a legitimate company that performs a service that directly benefits us. We would urge you to look regularly at our building page on Canonbury's website ( All of the tasks, both outstanding and completed, are logged, and you can see at a glance what remains to be done, PDFs of invoices and insurance and safety certificates, and the state of our finances. This is a service worth paying for,
and £577 every six months is not an unreasonable charge.

Nathan Giles Pearce

Just catching up on the various correspondence from you in the last few weeks. Am so glad to have you on board and see things are being actioned and improved.

Mr & Mrs B Marazzi

Glad to hear - many thanks for your reply!

Ms Angela Beer

Thanks for letting me know, could i take this oppourtunity to let you know that i think the new concierge is doing a great job she is very polite friendly and takes great pride in doing her job.

Mr Matthew Farmer

Thank you Roger for the comprehensive correspondence - it is appreciated!

Eva Charlotte Brewster

Good morning
What good news!
Though it's not over yet I am sure - it is certainly a big step in the right direction.
Many thanks.
Have a good day

Jonathan Webb

Very helpful, thank you

Tony Gardner-Hillman, Director, Hillman Properties Ltd

I am fully supportive of Canonbury. They are professional and thorough. They see this issue as unwelcome but as part of the job they are employed to do, and I am thankful to them for the way they are sticking to their guns and getting on with it. They will eventually get things resolved and everything will settle down.

Joanne Sarah Brown

You have been very helpful, thank you.

Mr Christopher Marshall

Thank you for your prompt and favourable response.

Mr J Rayner & Ms L C Rayner

What a great service - thank-you

Mr David Blane

Many thanks. We appreciate your prompt & successful repairs. With best wishes

Jessica Camilla Lovell & George Vincent Holmes

Thanks, the meeting was very useful and I look forward to working with you.

Christine Wood

Thank You !!!
I appreciate you responding to me as always

Daniel Vania Hicks

I'd just like to take this opportunity to thank you and your team for the excellent work you have carried out in helping us win our right to manage claim.

None of the stake holders in the new RTM company we have formed had any prior experience in this process and as such your team seamlessly helped us win our case and manage our own block of flats.

Thanks once again

Peter Lancaric

Dear David,
Many thanks for your prompt response. This clarifies the situation.

Mr Keith Richard Tomkins & Jane Louise Tomkins

I can confirm that the residents of Octave House do wish to go ahead with the freehold
purchase please, so can you go ahead.
Many thanks for your support and advice.
Keith Tomkins

John Salmon

Just to let you know, all the folk I’ve spoken to at 10TC have been really pleased with the service you and the team have been giving at Canonbury – so thanks very much for that

Alex Ewin

Thank you very much for your time [in respect of large scale works]. That was very helpful.


Many thanks for the quick response.

Ms Norma McLeod

We are very happy. You will recall that the freeholder was trying to get us to pay over £800 pa by way of insurance premiums. Via the RTM company we have effected our own insurance and the premium is only £354- a saving of approx £500 pa. Absolutely brilliant! Thanks very much for your help and advice, particularly as to how to conduct ourselves before the Tribunal

Please see the attached link for details of the LVT decision in favour of Cann Hall Road RTM. This is also available to download from the Residential Property Tribunal Service

Massimo Salvadori

Very impressed with your services.

Dylan Medwyn Ward

Can I also take this opportunity to thank you for your support in sorting out this situation efficiently and in a professional manner.In all my dealings with Canonbury Management so far I am pleased to feedback that every employee I have had contact with has always been attentive,professional and has returned any calls as promised.A refreshing approach and a stark contrast to the lack of support I experienced when dealing with our previous agent.

James And Anna Hayward

Firstly thank you for all your help yesterday.
I have managed to get a copy of the Fire Risk Assessment for the development, so as promised am sending you a copy.

Thanks again, i really appreciate your assistance

Anthony Howard Muir

Thank you for your letter 1st August and can advise that the repairs to the communal area lighting would appear to
have been successful.
I am grateful for your prompt attention, many thanks.
yours sincerely,
Thank you for your letter 1st August and can advise that the repairs to the communal area lighting would appear to
have been successful.
I am grateful for your prompt attention, many thanks.
yours sincerely,

Mr Luke Franklin

Thanks for this, and thanks for helping resolve things going forward on the conference

Dr Guler Ergun

Dear Mr Thrower,

Thank you very much for your swift response and the attachment. I am glad to have set up the company with you and that you were thorough with the notices.

Many thanks again for your correspondences in the matter

Kind regards,


John Ash & Katherine Ash

Dear Janet,

Many thanks indeed. Very quick work!


Anthony James Kitching & Claire Margaret Quinn

It sounds like a lot of progress is being made with the block, that's great.

Mrs Ross

Many thanks for your assistance in helping the residents of Palm Court with the successful RTM claim.

Alan Hyam Phillips

Just to thank you for the minutes of the recent Lessees meeting, and to congratulate you on taking the people who haven't paid their service charges to court. As you say, it impacts on the rest of us who have paid their dues. Keep up the good work. Alan Phillips

Peter Grant Downie & Zoe Amanda Camper

Thank you for all your hard work it was much appreciated. I wish you the best of luck with the new directors.

Mr And Mrs P J O ' Connell And Mr Dean O ' Connell

Thanks for dealing with this Uassamba.

Ben Edwards

And while I have you here, thank you for your excellent work on the Tribunal case. Bridge Court has lost
every single Upper Tribunal appeal we've had against Triplerose until this one, and I know a lot of our
residents were expecting them to find a loophole here too. The Upper Tribunal response has really given
us a boost. I'm sure this sort of thing is just a normal Tuesday to you, but for us it's a real milestone.
Thank you.

Michael Hobbs

I wanted to thank your company for making the process easy.
Regards, Mike Hobbs

Helen Jones

Thank you for keeping us updated on everything - very efficient and professional.

Richard Charles White & Janet Elizabeth White

It is now a whole year since the residents of 13-16 Manor Gardens acquired Right to Manage of their property. Having taken the decision to acquire Right to Manage the residents faced what appeared to be a potentially daunting task. By appointing Canonbury Management to facilitate the process we found the whole process simple, communications excellent and the whole process completed on schedule with updates on each stage of the process as they occurred. As well as being a principally "online" service, staff at Canonbury were always available to talk to by phone. The advice offered was accurate, reassuring, the end result was delivered "as described" and at a very affordable cost as budgetted for.

In the year since RTM was acquired, the residents have been able to take better action in relation to the management of site maintenance and at a far lower cost - both than previously charged by the previous management company and now at the cost that is less than half that which the other blocks on the site are now paying. The residents who were all on good terms in any case have been brought even closer together and the sense of community has additionally been enhanced by acquiring RTM.

A big thanks are due to Canonbury Management for their action on our behalves to acquire RTM. The process was simple and the outcome has transpired to be even better than was originally envisaged.

Please feel free to use this endorsement of your services as you wish for the evidencing and promotion of your services to Flat owners looking for an option to gain more control of their properties without the worries of dealing with legal entities, Landlords etc to make this happen.

Andrew Neil Willis


Thank you very much for everything. Bailiff has just left. The property is secure and vacant. Locksmith is just changing one of the inner locks.

No sign of ME, presumably still shouting at the court staff!

Thank you once again to everyone for getting us here!


Please contact us for further details