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Canonbury Performance Statistics and Targets

Canonbury Management’s research has shown that we are the only block managers who are able to show prospective and existing customers the actual response times and costs based on their live portfolio data. This page provides an objective way to assess our efficacy and efficiency, which is driven from our database of issues, costs and times. In recent conversations with ARMA, they indicated that they hoped to have these targets available in a few years time. Canonbury brings you these figures, dynamically calculated, now. It is our view that only by looking at these statistics can prospective and existing customers get beyond the rhetoric of sales and reliance on subjective references from favourable customers. Whilst we have those too, we’d rather our clients looked at the factual statistics for information.

How our customers rate our services

Online services
Transparency of billing and accounts
Speed of response to enquiries
Speed of resolution of building issues

Responding to your enquiries and those of your solicitor

Average time to return e-mail 45 minutes
Average time to return letter / fax 6.8 hours
Average time to process sales information for solicitors 1 day
Average time to provide notice of transfer / charge / certificates 1 day

Fixing problems at your block

Average time to fix small works 2.32 days
Average time to fix medium works 8.95 days
Average time to fix large works 21.1 days
Average time to for section 20 works 167.4 days