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Block Management in London and surrounding areas

At Canonbury we’ve listened to our clients and developed property management services to accommodate your specific needs - delivering tailored solutions that allow our team to manage your block in the most effective way possible in London or around the UK. We can provide a bespoke system that offers the flexibility you need - freeing your directors to make discretionary expenditure as required without the mountains of paperwork you might experience elsewhere.

We can provide a level of management that meets your requirements - offering a total hands-on approach or stepping back to put control of the day-to-day management in your hands. This versatility has helped Canonbury to become one of the foremost block management companies in London, and we offer a comprehensive service that can give you the freedom to enjoy greater benefits from your property investment.

Is It Hard To Change Block Management Company?

If you’ve been told that changing block management companies is a logistical nightmare - it’s not. We have everything you need right here online and you can complete the required forms in just a few minutes. With a normal transition period of around five days, we can expedite this if necessary, completing your transfer in just a single day. It may take you a little while to get used to our rapid response times - we work when you need us, with emergency assistance available 24 hours a day and contactors ready to respond immediately where your property is at risk.

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Why change your block management company?

It’s simple - to save you money, enjoy smoother problem resolution and receive superior block management in London. By providing better management of your block we can cut your service charges, and we’re confident that switching to Canonbury will save you money when compared to the conventional high street companies.

Spend just a few minutes browsing the advantages of changing to Canonbury Management - you and your investment will be in far more capable hands.