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Canonbury Asset and Facilities Management

Canonbury Management has developed a commercial property management service designed to resolve commonplace issues within the industry. In the current economic climate, even large businesses are looking to trim costs wherever possible. A significant overhead for any business is the service charge element of office rental, which usually runs to more than 30% of overall office rental costs. Our aim is to provide a best-in-class service, coupled with lower costs of management, which are passed on to our clients. Such lower service charge costs ultimately lead to an improvement in the potential rental yields on office properties.

How do we achieve lower management costs?

Lower management costs are achieved in a number of areas:
  • In house surveyors and architects charging lower than average hourly rates
  • In-house building and renovation teams.
  • Proactive approach to building dilapidations.
  • Direct relationship with insurance providers to ensure lowest possible cost.
  • Efficient and robust energy conservation procedures.

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