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Complaints Procedure

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Canonbury Management and Canonbury Building Complaints Procedure

1.  Where a complaint is felt appropriate, we ask that clients write or email us so that we have full details of the issue in writing and so do not miss anything and can deal with such issues most effectively.

Correspondence in writing should be emailed to with full details of the issue, your name, your email address, contact telephone number and correspondence address.  If the issue relates to a building we manage, the full address of the building is required and the address of the flat that you represent. 

If you wish to send a letter, please send to our registered office as published on our website.  

You may also fax complaints as long as they are typed and so are clear upon arrival.

We cannot respond to hand written correspondence where we are unable to decipher the writing.

2.  We will acknowledge the complaint within 48 hours.

3.  The complaint will then be investigated and our preliminary findings will be sent to you in writing or by email as per the way your account with us is set up.

4.  If you wish to reply to that correspondence then please quote the task ID in the subject of any email or letter.

5.  Your reply will be responded to with our final findings and following this, we will not enter into further discussions regarding the matter.  This is to avoid what sometimes happens where emails and letters go back and forth for long periods with no positive progress.

6.  If you are still not happy with the outcome, we would advise you to take independent professional legal advice as may be appropriate.

Download Copy Document