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Services For Property Developers

Canonbury Management is an ideal choice for property developers, especially those with larger blocks of flats. We can tailor packages to your individual needs as required. Why not contact us today and find out how we can help you.

We can offer the following benefits to you and those buying your flats:
  1. We offer developers generous referral fee's once the flats are occupied and the first service charges are paid.
  2. We can collect ground rents from lessees, leaving you with just a single payment to your account.
  3. For newly developed flats, we can reduce the service charge levels considerably in the first year because it is unlikely that capital works will be needed. This makes the service charges more affordable for your prospective buyers.
  4. We offer the full protection and transparency that will appeal to your clients – especially if they have been badly managed in the past.
  5. We can deal with all enquiries from purchaser’s solicitors through the sale process.
  6. We can provide buyers with our informative brochure on our management services.
  7. We can provide a channel for teething problems to be reported, if required.
  8. We can help ease the sale of car parking spaces and other units after the block is completed.
  9. We are fast to respond to all issues raised with us by developers.

If you would like to understand our services a little better, we offer audio and written brochures, both available to download direct to your pc.

By answering just a few simple questions you could get a service charge estimate for your block