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Block Management controlled by Block Directors

Unique Director Control Feature of all our Management Services

One of the major issues we have found with the block management services undertaken in our industry is the lack of engagement with those who live at the development, with respect to the way in which the service charge monies are calculated and spent. In order to resolve this problem, we always engage the directors of the block / development when calculating the service charge budgets, and for any discretionary expenditure. For instance, if a problem is reported to us for which there is no existing maintenance contract, an estimate is calculated for the cost of repair and the matter is then automatically referred to the building directors for authorisation to proceed. This ensures they are always aware of where the money is being spent. As with all our systems, the ability to review, defer, close, authorise or raise new tasks is made available through our online client area, which is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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